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El Vino 16 Year Old Connoisseurs Blend Review

El Vino 16 Year Old Connoisseur's Blend Furthering my month of Blended whisky I was very kindly sent a sample of El Vino 16 Year Old Connoisseur's Blend by Billy Abbott (@cowfish).

This blend is the house blend from the El Vino specialist wine retailers in London where i believe they vat and mature the whisky in their own sherry casks.

I was really impressed with this a cracker of a blend, just don't go buying it all before Billy does.

Tasting Notes & Details


The nose on this is really very familiar but reminds me more of a malt that a blend, it doesnt have the dewy grass / grain notes that i normally associate with blends it's quite rich with dried fruits and malt loaf, there's a touch of liquorice and brown bread in there also, very pleasant.


initially quite watery in nature, not too many flavours jump out here, it's got a touch of fruity sweetness that could be dried fruit like and a little bit of lightly toasted white bread with melted butter.


a touch of spice and a kiss of dried fruit sweetness

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: El Vino 16 Year Old Connoisseurs Blend
Age: 16
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: El Vino
Bottler: El Vino
Type: Blend
From: Scotland, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 28/04/2013 by Tom

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