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Highland Park Loki Review

Highland Park Loki Part of the Gods series from Highland Park this is Loki.

The son of two giants, Loki’s position in Norse mythology is that of a trickster, often engaged in treachery and mischief. He revels in his role, causing problems for gods Odin and Thor as well as being responsible for the death of Thor’s brother, Baldr.

I haven't tried Thor previously and after trying Loki i really want to find someone who is willing to share a sample of Thor.

Many Thanks to Highland Park for the Offical Sample

Tasting Notes & Details


The initial nose is light furniture polish and freshly polished mahogany the nose is sweet with sugared almonds and very light notes of sherry dipped dark dried fruits like sultanas, raisins, then theres a wave of vanilla ice cream and a slight hint of tree sap. The longer this is left in the glass the more the nose turns sherried and fruity.


tangy and spicy, theres a real eclectic mix in here of sweet sherried fruit, gentle peat smoke, tangy citrus fruit and nutmeg and cinnamon, really interesting mouthfeel almost oily to beging with but juicy towards the finish


lovely juicy finish, with notes of spice and gentle smoke

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Highland Park Loki
Age: 15
ABV: 48.70
Distiller: Highland Park
Bottler: Highland Park
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islands
Posted: 20/03/2013 by Tom

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