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Lindores Abbey New Make Spirit Review

Lindores Abbey New Make Spirit This was tasted as part of a Tweet Tasting hosted by Steve Rush of The Whisky Wire and was an interesting insight into the work being undertaken at Lindores Abbey distillery.

Located in the historic location of Lindores Abbey which is the oldest recorded place of distilling Whisky in Scotland this really does bring whisky to it's spiritual home.

Lots of discussion about the style of whisky being produced at Lindores with the shape of the still with the decending lyne arm encourages oils to come over at the very start of the distillation. This leads to an oily more Highland style of whisky than the Lowland region style of old (i.e. Light sweet floral) something I took a bit of umbridge at as I really would like to see more traditional lowland style whiskies out there.

I quite enjoyed this new make and it showed a great deal of interest that makes me positive that whisky from Lindores Abbey will be tasty, it might not be the style i want to see from them, but it will be highly drinkable.

You can buy this to try at The Lindores Abbey online shop.

Thanks to The Whisky Wire for including me on the Tweet Tasting

Tasting Notes & Details


Really interestingly, unlike pretty much any other new make i don't find this very floral, its more toffee, and hazelnut... This is basically the epitome of a toffifee in a glass, then a condensed sweetened milk note that comes in here, after time to rest theres a yeasty beery note also.


That sweetened condensed milk from the nose is back and its got a buttery base also, then toffee and more of those creamy hazelnuts, touches of floral gums, and a light hint of that beer still


Beery, toffee, tasty

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Lindores Abbey New Make Spirit
Age: 0
ABV: 73.00
Distiller: Lindores Abbey
Bottler: Lindores Abbey
Type: Spirit Drink
From: Scotland, Lowland
Posted: 01/11/2019 by Tom

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