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Glenfiddich Rare Collection 30 Year Old 1987 Cask #20050 Gift Shop Exclusiv Review

Glenfiddich Rare Collection 30 Year Old 1987 Cask #20050 Gift Shop Exclusiv Back in 1969 the pioneers at Glenfiddich opened a visitors centre at the distillery, unheard of anywhere else at the time it has become the norm, in fact many new distilleries rely on their visitors centre initially to assist with the costs of building the distillery. To celebrate 50 years of the visitor centre they have released this 30 year old single cask distilled in 1987.

This dram was matured in an American Oak Hogshead, and was laid down on Christmas Day 1987, exactly 100 years to the day since spirit first flowed from the stills. It was bottled at 30 years old at a natural cask strength of 56.7% ABV, and is limited to only 200 bottles.

From the first sniff this had me hooked, utterly and completely, the nose is just exactly the type of dram i want to drink, there's a definite hint of the normal tropical fruit notes i get from Glenfiddich right away, and then lashing of complexity. Blind i would never had said this was 30 as it's so active and spritely.

The palate is full of those juicy flavours again, tropical fruit by the bucket load plus some ginger spice, this is a dram you could genuinely have for any occasion, although the price tag makes that not as possible.

The price tag is high, but lets be honest there are no real single cask drams of Glenfiddich on the market and this is to celebrate a very special occasion so if it's in the budget then i would highly recommend this dram, it is, for me, the best Glenfiddich i have ever had and genuinely one of the best whiskies i have ever had also.

Available to buy only at the gift shop or online directly from the Glenfiddich Gift Shop

Thanks to Glenfiddich for the official sample of this outstanding dram.

Tasting Notes & Details


This is all fruit, tropical fruit salad, in a juicy mouth-watering light syrup, light brown sugar, maybe almost heading towards butterscotch like muscovado sugar, some dunnage warehouse and oak leaf sauce notes, light new leather and sugary plum notes, really fresh and spritely for a 30 year old dram, the longer it sits in the glass the more a light cask char almost smoky note comes out also.


Juicy fruits, tropical fruit salad in a light syrup, gentle spices come through, maybe more heat like grated ginger, lots of that muscovado sugar coming through again and that dunnage warehouse duty note is there again, this is a lot more active than i expected for a dram of this age


Gentle head from ginger, with sweet fruits.

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Glenfiddich Rare Collection 30 Year Old 1987 Cask #20050 Gift Shop Exclusiv
Age: 30
ABV: 56.70
Distiller: Glenfiddich
Bottler: Glenfiddich
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside
Posted: 30/10/2019 by Tom

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