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Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Virgin American Oak Cask Cask # Review

Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Virgin American Oak Cask Cask #07 The last of the samples of Londons Park Royal based 2 year old Spirit drinks is this one matured in a virgin American oak cask.

I enjoy Bourbon matured in virgin american oak casks as the sweetness from the corn based spirit and high temperatures and charring work together to give a gentle vanilla sweetness, but i have found Scotch matured in this is hot and bland overtaking the spirit, which is generally more robust than sweet, flattening it out and removing the core spirit underneath and is generally used as a finish rather than full maturation due to this.

Well i wasn't expecting that! It's got a gentle bourbon type feel all around it lots of tropical and juicy fruit notes coming through, vanilla cream and cask char and that window putty that i like.

I was really surprised by this and think this has some real potential to be a very very tasty dram once it's of age.

Yet another at £250 a bottle (one of 200) when it is released as a 3 year old later this year it is not good value for money and I certainly wouldn't be recommending it as a collectible as there are just way too many new distilleries popping up and only some will be worth the money in the future. As a drinker of whisky I'm hugely disappointed at this price point and it certain is not value for money.

If you want to pre-order the three year old version you can do so at the Bimber Online Shop

Thanks to Bimber for the official samples

Tasting Notes & Details


Interesting! This has a gentleness that i wasn't expecting, first impressions are like a gentle fresh bourbon, light vanilla notes, with hints of cask char, juicy fruit chewing gum and light honeydew melon notes, hints of window putty and acetone. Overall quite closed though


Quite gentle again to begin with, those juicy fruit chewing gum are joined by some tropical fruit notes, honeydew melon again and the window putty which is a note i always liked as a youngster, cask char and vanilla cream


Sweet vanilla cream and cask char

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Virgin American Oak Cask Cask #
Age: 2
ABV: 62.30
Distiller: Bimber
Bottler: Bimber
Type: Spirit Drink
From: England, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 29/03/2019 by Tom

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