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Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Ex Sherry Cask Cask #31 Review

Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Ex Sherry Cask Cask #31 Another almost whisky from the Park Royal London based Bimber distillery, this time matured in an ex sherry cask, thankfully it is an ex Pedro Ximinez cask and not Oloroso.

I tend to like the sweetness from ex Pedro Ximinez casks although like the port i&apos:m concerned that it might overpower the spirit underneath which is quite light and reminiscent of lowland Scotch.

The nose on this really appeals to me, it's got those amazingly sweet juicy fruity notes i love in Pedro Ximinez sherry and has my mouth watering, the palate is just as tasty but adds peppery spice and heat (not surprising with the ABV) and is really interesting.

It has masked some of the buttered popcorn youthful notes but has also wiped out much of the distillery character, i think this is a great way of maturing whisky but needs to be used really carefully and for short finishes otherwise it just wipes out the distillery character.

However as I have said before at £250 a bottle (one of 200) when it is released as a 3 year old later this year it is not good value for money and I certainly wouldn't be recommending it as a collectible as there are just way too many new distilleries popping up and only some will be worth the money in the future. As a drinker of whisky I'm hugely disappointed at this price point and it certain is not value for money.

If you want to pre-order the three year old version you can do so at the Bimber Online Shop

Thanks to Bimber for the official samples

Tasting Notes & Details


So an initial sniff and this smells like sherry, not any possibility of whisky, PS sherry trifle, those soft trifle fingers in strawberry and raspberry jelly, hints of sweet tinned mandarins and sugar strands, some vanilla cream and then the high abv spirit comes through with acetone and hints of wood spices


That trifle is back, with attitude, the sweet jelly infused trifle biscuits are combined with more fruit jelly and tinned fruit salad, in syrup, some beeswax and mouthcoating viscosity, the vanilla cream and sugar strands give sweetness that edges out to a hint of acetone and ground pepper


Mandarin and sugar strands with ground pepper heat and spice

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Ex Sherry Cask Cask #31
Age: 2
ABV: 63.20
Distiller: Bimber
Bottler: Bimber
Type: Spirit Drink
From: England, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 28/03/2019 by Tom

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