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Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Port Cask Cask #39 Review

Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Port Cask Cask #39 It really is interesting to spend time drinking what will become whisky from London, I have been lucky to try whisky from all around the world and it is exciting to see so many distilleries making interesting products.

I am also a little contradicted inside though as i love Port matured whisky so I want this to be awesome, but the other side of it has me thinking how is this different to Scotch, or Irish, or Japanese whisky and I would like to see distilleries in England, and other countries around the world, do something different as they are not tied down with the same legislation as Scotch, so why not try a Cherry wood, or Maple matured whisky, or one with multiple inner staves like the Compass Box Spice Tree attempted. Stop trying to copy a recipe and start making a new one.

This has some really interesting notes, but the port has masked the underlying spirit and made it too jam focussed and too sweet, even for me, this will calm down with time and the spirit will hopefully push back through. If you love really sweet things, you will likely enjoy this, with a touch of water.

However at £250 a bottle (one of 200) when it is released as a 3 year old later this year it is not good value for money and I certainly wouldn't be recommending it as a collectible as there are just way too many new distilleries popping up and only some will be worth the money in the future. As a drinker of whisky I'm hugely disappointed at this price point and it certain is not value for money.

If you want to pre-order the three year old version you can do so at the Bimber Online Shop

Thanks to Bimber for the official samples

Tasting Notes & Details


Initially this has all the good things from Port matured whisky, damson jam and good quality strawberry preserve, red currant laces and a blast of summer berry compote, buttered popcorn and acetone in the background get stronger as it sits in the glass airing.


Really hot, damson jam and jalapeno chilli jam mixed together, sweet and chilli heat, the popcorn is back and it has got a sweet sugary coating, and been dipped in summer berries


Acetone and jalapeno chilli jam last long on the palate

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Port Cask Cask #39
Age: 2
ABV: 62.50
Distiller: Bimber
Bottler: Bimber
Type: Spirit Drink
From: England, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 27/03/2019 by Tom

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