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Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Ex Bourbon Cask Review

Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Ex Bourbon Cask Park Royal London based distillers Bimber are nearing the vital three year mark to call their spirit whisky. This will happen around June 2019 and they already have a number of products available to preorder from their distillery online shop

This 2 year old Spirit Drink has been matured exclusively in ex Bourbon casks and this sample was bottled at full strength, a balmy 63.3% which is great with only 0.2% angels share over 2 years if casked at 63.5% showing that the angels share in Park Royal seems to be a little less than that in Scotland where the average is around 1-2% per year loss to the angels.

This is how i would like to see the spirit, ex bourbon is my prefered style so i'm much happier to be trying this than some of the others in this sample set.

The nose initially begins with a typical bourbon nose of vanilla infused sugar and cask char before adding malty notes, butterscotch covered bananas and maintaining a touch of buttered popcorn youthfulness.

This is some serious potential once the youthfulness dies away to become a top quality very drinkable whisky. This is available to pre-order the three year old version (expected June 2019 - details below) for £250 a bottle, which unfortunately is just ludicrous! Now i know they are likely to get people buying it but where does that put them in terms of new whisky. Kingsbarns was approx £50 with a £70 single cask limited edition, Glasgows 1770 was around £100 and Daftmills 12/13 year old spirit was still way under this price.

At this price it is not good value for money and I certainly wouldn't be recommending it as a collectible as there are just way too many new distilleries popping up and only some will be worth the money in the future. As a drinker of whisky I'm hugely disappointed at this price point and it certain is not value for money, despite the fact it's pretty damn drinkable already.

If you want to pre-order the three year old version you can do so at the Bimber Online Shop online shop

Thanks to Bimber for the official samples

Tasting Notes & Details


I want to be straight forward and say this smells like Bourbon, but even i hate the way that sounds and it's as bad as those that say it smells like whisky, but it has that sickly sweet, vanilla infused sugar and cask char note that comes from a good bourbon, it tames down through and the buttered popcorn reappears along with Ovaltine malt drinks and a touch of butterscotch sauce covered fried banana.


Buttered popcorn and vanilla infused granulated white sugar to the fore, edges of gentle oak spices and a touch of butterscotch covered banana again, a hint of malty ovaltime and cask char hide in the background along with the slightest hint of charred pineapple.


The finish, despite being sweet and high in ABV is short and vanilla filled

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Bimber 2 Year Old London Single Malt Spirit Ex Bourbon Cask
Age: 2
ABV: 63.30
Distiller: Bimber
Bottler: Bimber
Type: Spirit Drink
From: England, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 25/03/2019 by Tom

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