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The Hive Batch Strength - Batch 1 (Wemyss Malts) Review

The Hive Batch Strength - Batch 1 (Wemyss Malts) Another sample dram that I've had sitting for way too long, I think partly as I'd tasted this at the launch party, along with the Batch Strength Spice King and Peat Chimney, which I thought I'd already written about it, but then when batch 2 was released recently I realised I hadn't so it's time to do it now.

I'm a big fan of the normal The Hive bottling and i remember being suitably impressed when trying this at the launch event, so this is definitely one i was looking forward to sipping on.

This is an utterly delicious drop of whisky, sweet and tasty, the high abv is still seriously drinkable without any water, although a drop does bring out the fruits a little more.

I really enjoyed this, and I will be picking up a batch 2 soon to get through.

Thanks to Wemyss Malts for the official sample.

Tasting Notes & Details


There's a definite light honey note here, mixed with a touch of lemon peel, dusty dunnage warehouses, a really interesting earthy note in here as it's like sweet earth, maybe sweet potato, acetone and some window putty along with a touch of powdered sugar.


Oh this is delicious, super sweet honey and sugar, more of that acetone again and a lick of gentle wood spices, a touch of fruit skins, grapes and nectarine skins, that earthy sweet potato again and the powdered sugar from a tin of travel sweets.


Sweet, fruity, powdery, yum

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: The Hive Batch Strength - Batch 1 (Wemyss Malts)
Age: NAS
ABV: 54.50
Distiller: Wemyss Malts
Bottler: Wemyss Malts
Type: Blended Malt
From: Scotland, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 04/03/2019 by Tom

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