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New York Distilling Company 2 Year Old Rye Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Rye Co) Review

New York Distilling Company 2 Year Old Rye Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Rye Company) I've not spent anywhere near enough time exploring world whisky, with rye, bourbon, canadian whiskies, irish whiskies, japanese whiskies, indian whiskies and many many more out there its a difficult task to wander around them all, especially with the amount of brilliant whisky on my doorstep here in Scotland.

This dram of 2 year old Rye Spirit (it is only two years old after all - although i really need to see what the rules are on rye and bourbon on aging) was bottled by That Boutique-y Whisky Company and had been matured in Applejack casks. I had to look and see what applejack is but it is effectively a cider that has been increased in alcohol by freeze distilling (originally done by leaving the cider outside in the freezing cold and removing the frozen chunks and thus concentrating the alcohol to around the 25%-40% ABV mark) modern techniques are used to replicate this process and generally use a combination of apple cider and apple brandy to produce the high alcohol applejack.

This really is right up my street, any whisky (or whiskey or spirit drink thats basically whisky) that is combined with Cider, my second favourite drink, is never going to be a bad thing in my book.

Sweet, fruity, spicy, juicy tasty.... Oh so tasty... This is an epic dram and if you're not entirely sure the under £40 a bottle is worth it pop on and grab a sample, you wont regret it.

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Thats to Dave from That Boutique-y Whisky Company for the generous sample.

Tasting Notes & Details


This smells amazing, the only way i could describe that initial sniff is like a toffee apple that has been heated up over of charcoal BBQ, it's slightly smoky./char influenced then theres a baked apple like note that becomes a little sweeter and a little spicy at the same time. Probably my imagination but i get cinnamon in here too (yes im thinking apple pie) some wholemeal bread hiding in there also


For 53% and 2 year old this really doesn't pack pure alcohol punch you would expect, it's actually pretty soft and fruity, stewed apples (well surprise surprise), freshly baked wholemeal bread, a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg spices with some fresh ginger adding heat, some demerera sugar sweetness and a definite element of vanilla essence and cask char


Ginger adding heat that stays on the palate with demerera sugar, stewed apple and vanilla handing around also

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Like many distillery visitors centres the friendly and knowledgeable folks
Age: 2
ABV: 53.00
Distiller: New York Distilling Company
Bottler: That Boutique-y Whisky Company
Type: Rye
From: USA, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 28/02/2019 by Tom

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