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Speyside Region 1973 43 Year Old (The Whisky Agency) Review

Speyside Region 1973 43 Year Old (The Whisky Agency) Exclusive to The Whisky Exchange This old blended Speyside malt was bottled exclusively for The Whisky Exchange by German independent Bottler The Whisky Agency and comes from a butt of blended malt featuring whiskies from over the Speyside region.

I've seen a number of similar drams recently including the Royal Mile Whiskies 40 Year Old Three Cask Blend and the North Star Vega 41 (review to come very soon). Much of these seem to have been blended as spirit into single casks and sold as parcels of blended malt, so there may be no real way of knowing how much of each component was in them and they actually be pretty much tea spooned.

The nose on this is delicious, it exudes quality and is right up my street, this is the kind of nose i want on all of my whiskies. The palate hides much of that fruitness behind a complex layer of spices (ginger and ground white pepper) and adds in caramelised white chocolate to the mix.

I miss the pear notes from the nose on the palate, but this dram is full of complexity and flavour, huge drinking dram that needs time spent with it, utterly delicious stuff.

This is exceptional and for around £400 a bottle not over priced, available to buy directly from The Whisky Exchange

Thanks to The Whisky Exchange for the official sample.

Tasting Notes & Details


The nose on this creeps out of the glass and into the air around you pretty quickly after pouring the dram, there's a dunnage warehouse like note almost straight away followed by a chalky sweet note of tinned pears in syrup, a hint of freshly grated ginger adds spice to the nose, a hint of vanilla cream and vanilla sugar in here with lots of fruity sweetness growing all the time, a hint of menthol and eucalyptus hiding deep in the background.


The palate starts off quite hot, with that freshly grated ginger and a hint of ground white pepper, there's definite wood spice notes, but at 43 years old I would expect no less, some caramelised white chocolate and that vanilla cream mix with the wood spices and along comes the menthol again, there is some fruit in there but its more the skins and its quite rich and tangy, i'm missing some of the pear notes from the palate


Lovely white chocolate and vanilla cream, rich, tangy, spicy, yum

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Speyside Region 1973 43 Year Old (The Whisky Agency)
Age: 1973 vintage
ABV: 47.40
Distiller: The Whisky Agency
Bottler: The Whisky Shop
Type: Blended Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside
Posted: 18/02/2019 by Tom

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