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Williams Brothers Splanky Medium Cider Review

Williams Brothers Splanky Medium Cider I’ve been grabbing ciders from my local supermarkets for some time now but needed to find a bigger, better selection of good ciders to make my way through, there’s not many places locally that have it so an online order from Bristol Cider Shop came to the rescue.

A mixed selection of 12 bottles, in the medium to sweet categories which are totally my way forward, arrived today and I had to get a few in the fridge to try them out.

this Williams Brothers SPlanky Welsh Cider was one i might have slightly giggled at the name of but the cider itself is no laughing matter, it's a seriously tasty drop. Filled with proper apple juice notes and a slight whiff of something smoky that runs through both the nose and palate, plus some honey notes makign me imediately think of Manuka Honey.

Very tasty indeed this is a cider that i will definitely be revisiting.

If you want to buy this, or some other ciders to try, why not give The Bristol Cider Shop a try.

Tasting Notes & Details


Proper juicy apples, stewed apples, a hint of something a little smoky in here like smoked wood chips and kindling, some dried slightly smoking hay notes


Initially you think this is going to be bitter but it’s not and there’s a gentle more sweet bittersweet juicy Manuka honey and apple juice note, really interesting reminds me of proper honey straight from the apiary


Medium for sure, hints of light bitter tang and some juicy fresh apples

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Williams Brothers Splanky Medium Cider
Age: NAS
ABV: 5.90
Distiller: Williams Brothers
Bottler: Williams Brothers
Type: Cider
From: Wales, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 25/11/2018 by Tom

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