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Benriach 21 Year Old Temporis Peated Review

Benriach 21 Year Old Temporis Peated Today Callum has managed to pull himself away from American whiskey and sip on some good old-fashioned Scotch.

The Scotch in question is BenRiach Temporis (Temporis the Latin for time). BenRiach was founded in 1898 but closed shortly after for a hell of a long time, around 65 years for most distilleries this would mean the end but it was kept alive due to its malting floor, that was still being used by its sister distillery (and neighbour) Longmorn.

Then in 1965 it was fully revived and making its own liquid again. Nowadays BenRiach produces peated and unpeated malt, and a range of forward-thinking special releases while still keeping a traditional core.

A pretty interesting dram thought it was a bit punchy at first but after I let it open up the citrus really started to come through. Rich and complex, the peat not as prominent on the palette as I thought it would be from the nose, and the finish lasts for ages. Personal I find with a bit of water this dram really comes to life! I think I might drink some more/the rest.

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Tasting Notes & Details


Forward with rich peat, Toasted oak, dried apricots citrus oils. Orange crunch chocolate


Toasted Orange peel, popcorn, rich peat coated chocolate with a hint of caramel (from the inside of a dairy milk caramel)


Mouth coating, pepper notes creep in supported by lingering dark chocolate and toasted oak.

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Benriach 21 Year Old Temporis Peated
Age: 21
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: BenRiach
Bottler: BenRiach
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside
Posted: 22/10/2018 by Callum

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