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Angioletti Vero Sidro Italiano Riserva Review

Angioletti Vero Sidro Italiano Riserva A really interesting Medium cider made from Italian pressed apples and lightly sparkling, and in a cracking bottle that looks more wine than cider.

Another supermarket sweep cider this one really interested me because of the bottle, and it certainly is a very interesting cider. Lots of fizz on the nose, but refreshing and yoghurty on the palate and finish, this is really good, and one I would happily drink again and again, seriously tasty stuff.

There are a few others in the Angioletti cider range and I will be trying to hunt them out over the coming weeks and months.

Pick one of these up if you see it in the supermarket or your local cider specialist.

Tasting Notes & Details


The first thing here is some light bubbles that go straight up your nose, then light refreshing fizzy apple juice notes, light, almost sparkling wine like (as is the bottle) and definite light juicy notes, I’d have said more pear than apple but definite orchard fruits.


Oh that’s refreshing, juicy and very easy going, it’s not as sweet as the nose would have you think, cloudy apple juice notes here for sure now, some slight bitter peel notes, but only just, some light apple yoghurt notes.


Creamy apple Yoghurt, Fresh cloudy apple, light dry notes

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Angioletti Vero Sidro Italiano Riserva
Age: NAS
ABV: 6.80
Distiller: Angioletti
Bottler: Angioletti
Type: Cider
From: Italy, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 23/07/2018 by Tom

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