Jura / Wm Cadenhead

Jura 30 year old (Wm Cadenhead) Review

Jura 30 year old (Wm Cadenhead) It's no secret i'm a bit of a fanboy of Jura whiskies, so when i heard about this dram I ran to my local Cadenheads shop and put my name straight on the list ... in 7th place.

But with only 66 (YES!!! Sixty Six) bottles from this cask i was going to miss out, until my good friend JJ from Whisky Rover stepped up and, knowing how much i loved Jura, he allowed me to buy his bottle from him. (It's ok he got a bit sample and a hug and kiss in return :) )

This has that typical old Jura note with hints of delicious peat, farmyard hay and then loads and loads of fruit, a truly delicious example and now sorely gone, this dram was exquisite and just the type of dram you would expect from the folks at Wm Cadenheads.

This one might be gone but i would certainly recommend you check out Wm Cadenheads bottles, always good value and always good whisky.

Tasting Notes & Details


farmyard / hay bales come first, then grilled BBQ cooked tropical fruits, pineapple and papaya, fresh vanilla and a dash of crushed sugared almonds, gentle puffs of wood smoke, manukau honey dipped white bread toast and a hint of menthol


Much sweeter on the arrival than the nose would suggest, juicy fruit chewing gum, fresh fruit salad and tangy citrus fruits, it then comes in more woody, balsa and almonds, then a light hint of spicy wasabi nuts


Spicy, drying, menthol, long lasting.

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Jura 30 year old (Wm Cadenhead)
Age: 30
ABV: 42.50
Distiller: Jura
Bottler: Wm Cadenhead
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islands
Posted: 12/12/2016 by Tom

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