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Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength Batch 2 Review

Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength Batch 2 Peated to 20PPM this 2nd batch of cask strength Machrie Moor was given to me as a sample from Andy (@andysinc41).

I've quite enjoyed the standard Machrie Moor even if it has been Batch 3 since I last tried it and it's now on batch 6 or so.

This is seriously tasty stuff with smoke and treacle toffee with Bready doughy scones coming through as the strongest flavours and gentle sweet fresh summer fruits joining in the party.

The ABV is masked by a gentle sweetness and the mouthfeel is lovely at this ABV so I'd love to see Arran stick to the cask strength variants instead of the 46% versions on sale.

You can pick up a bottle from Specialists like Master of Malt

Thanks again to Andy for the sample

Tasting Notes & Details


There's smoke in here for sure, but it's light and treacley it's like smoked treacle scones with gentle sugary dark fruits and doughy scones filling the nose for me, some light summer fruit mix comes in next with nectarines and peaches filling my nostrils.


Sweet smoke comes first like a small bonfire of Apple and cherry wood with fruity edges to the smoke, for the ABV it's gentle and only a slight twinge of spice shows its head over more treacle and caramel scones


Sweet tangy treacle scones very gentle and moreish though

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Arran Machrie Moor Cask Strength Batch 2
Age: NAS
ABV: 58.20
Distiller: Arran
Bottler: Arran
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islands
Posted: 09/03/2016 by Tom

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