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Gwynt Y Ddraig Haymaker Review

Gwynt Y Ddraig Haymaker Unlike a lot of my whisky drinking friends, when i'm out i tend not to look at Ales and Beers, which i can and do also drink, but i've had for the last 5 or 6 years a great appreciated of Cider, whether thats fruity Swedish ones (are they really cider) or proper ciders from the south coast of the UK.

So on a recent day out when i discovered the Bon Accord in Glasgow hd this Gwynt Y Ddraig Haymaker on draught it was always going to be my choice.

Draught in this case is a 20L box, and the pint looked clear, bright and tasty from the start.

This is dangerously drinkable, especially considering the 6.5% ABV, and one of the nicest pints of cider i've ever had, so much so i might have had more than 1.

I'll definitely be hunting down more of their products after the New Year and looking for local drinking establishments with it on draught.

Not available in bottles this 20L box is ideal for parties where you know a group of you will drink it, and if they bottled this ... well WOW!

Tasting Notes & Details


This really does just remind me of cloudy Apple juice very sweet and juicy there's a really tangy note that comes through very nice


Sweet and juicy, very very appley, cloudy apple juice, and it has got that note of crushed apple seed and core and more floral sweetness.


Drying but sweet tangy and very nice

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Gwynt Y Ddraig Haymaker
Age: NAS
ABV: 6.50
Distiller: Gwynt Y Ddraig
Bottler: Gwynt Y Ddraig
Type: Cider
From: Wales, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 19/12/2015 by Tom

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