Linlithgow (St Magdelenes) (Closed) / Wm Cadenhead

St Magdalene 32yr (Cadenheads) Review

St Magdalene 32yr (Cadenheads) Being from Livingston my local distillery is the Linlithgow (or St Magdalene’s) distillery which is around 10 miles from the house, mothballed in 1983 and converted to some luxury flats this distillery is one which I would like to spend more time exploring but the cost of the bottles is now quite prohibitive.

As part of a bottle share I was lucky enough to taste this and it feels very appropriate for the 1000th review on the site and yes after 3 and a half years of blogging this site now boasts 1000 (and counting) reviews.

Lovely and subtle this is a very nice example of the lowland ladies, although surprisingly quite spicy, lucky to have tried this and just wish I could do more from this, and other closed distilleries.

Thanks for following so far and let’s see if we can get to 2000 in less than another 3 and a half years.

Tasting Notes & Details


Subtle and gentle but with a hint of creamy spice, korma, coconut milk, a hint of nuttiness, floral, fresh flowers, carnations and lilies, tangtastics and gentle fresh fruits.


Fresh floral and herby, menthol and spicy, nuttiness and fresh fruits,


Sweet, dry, nutty

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: St Magdalene 32yr (Cadenheads)
Age: 32
ABV: 58.10
Distiller: Linlithgow (St Magdelenes) (Closed)
Bottler: Wm Cadenhead
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Lowland
Posted: 05/10/2015 by Tom

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