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Makar Glasgow Gin Review

Makar Glasgow GinOn Wednesday Night i was lucky enough to partake in the #AlliedGlassTT tweet tasting organised by Steve Rush (@thewhiskywire) from The Whisky Wire and to sample a range of Gins including this Makar Glasgow Gin.

Unfortunately this Gin is not for me, it's gt a really strong, to me, hit of aniseed which is a flavour i personally really dislike, i don't drink any of those types of drinks (Pernod, Ouzo, Raki etc) and have never liked liqorice. However i do appreciate that people who do like that note would love this gin, i'm just not one of them.

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Tasting Notes & Details


(straight) hit by a really earthy aniseed/liquorice note that overpowers everything else for me, creamy lemongras hiding in the background

(with tonic) tonic tames the citrus and juniper comes through with an aniseed and minty note


(straight) earthy aniseed overpowering the juniper , not for me too much liquorice/aniseed for my palate

(with tonic) more eucalyptus / minty /menthol slightly cough medicine like lots juniper but the aniseed still strong


(straight) A N I S E E D :(

(with tonic) sweet minty cough medicine and throat losenges

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Makar Glasgow Gin
Age: NAS
ABV: 43.00
Distiller: Makar
Bottler: Makar
Type: Gin
From: Scotland, Lowland
Posted: 23/05/2015 by Tom

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