Port Ellen (Closed) / The Golden Cask

Port Ellen 27 Year Old (The Golden Cask) Review

Port Ellen 27 Year OldI've had this dram for a while now after receiving it from my friends at The Green Welly Stop and although i tasted it back in September this year, I had hoped to celebrate Scottish Independence with it but that didn't go my way, I've been sitting on the notes since.

An absolutely typicl Port Ellen nose of chalky smoke and hints of farmyardiness with lots of fruity edinburgh rock in there too, I can see why so many people are taken by Port Ellen, and can also see why maybe the younger versions of this were more farmyardy and thus why it was closed by Diageo. I really do think Port Ellen gets better with ageing.

If you can find one of these miniatures then grab one as they really are worth trying and thanks again to The Green Welly Stopfor the chance to try this.

Tasting Notes & Details


initially some gentle sweet smoke comes from the glass with hints of fruity edinburgh rock and sweet demerera sugar, then there's a grassy and hay like note with farmyard silage type elements, all in a good way though it's sweet and chalky


oh my lots of gentle smoke mixing with a chalky note and edinburgh rock with sweet notes of fruit bonbons and those chalky fruity alphabet letter sweets


chalky alphabet sweets and gentle smoke

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Port Ellen 27 Year Old (The Golden Cask)
Age: 27
ABV: 51.80
Distiller: Port Ellen (Closed)
Bottler: The Golden Cask
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islay
Posted: 01/12/2014 by Tom

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