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Timorous Beastie (Douglas Laing) Review

Timorous Beastie You may have noticed in the past that I do have a soft spot for the Douglas Laing range as do a lot of people. This all started while managing a whisky bar and I began my true love with whisky, I would smell and sample different bottles and write down my thoughts and then compare them to the official tasting notes to see if I could detect the experts nose. I loved the Douglas Laing range because I got it right most of the time whether it was Fred's or Jan's notes. I will also add, it was because the whisky was fantastic and I never have had one that was average in my mind, they always make me smile. Big Peat was a great selling and talking point as he captured everything about Islay whisky and more, great packaging that caught the eye. Moving on to the next vatted malt release which was the "Scallywag" a lovely sweet Speyside whisky which again covered the Speyside region and more, a great well balanced whisky again with eye catching packaging. So the latest release from the Vatted Malt range would have alot to live up to due to the success of its predecessor's.

At the start of September came the announcement of the "Timorous Beastie" a Highland "Vatted Malt" that would become a companion beside the Scallywag and Big Peat. So where does this sit in comparison? well for me you can never go wrong if some of the malts used are from Dalmore, Glengoyne and Glen Garioch which are included and matched with the experience of the Douglas Laing team then you know its going to be a fantastic dram. I reckon you now have a great flight path starting with the Timorous Beastie, followed by the Scallywag and ending with Big Peat a great 3 course menu round the whisky regions of Scotland. I hope at sometime there may be additions to the family, so I can treat myself to a 6 course menu!

If you wish to catch some of the range then check out the Whisky Lounge website for some Douglas Laing nights in England throughout October.

Many thanks to Douglas Laing for the official sample

Tasting Notes & Details


Sweetness with light honeyed cereal


Soft and slightly spiced, light thickness with sweetness of dried fruit


Nice smooth and soft finish with oak and cereals sweetness that makes you lick your lips.

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Timorous Beastie (Douglas Laing)
Age: NAS
ABV: 46.80
Distiller: Douglas Laing
Bottler: Douglas Laing
Type: Blended Malt
From: Scotland, Highland
Posted: 02/10/2014 by Neil

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