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Reference Series 3 Review

Reference Series 3 Now here comes a new and exciting range of three blended malt whiskies from Maverick Drinks. I was tasked by Tom to sample this range and mighty glad that he did. So what is the Reference Series about, well let me give you the official word from Maverick Drinks.

In essence, Reference Series allows you to compare and contrast the effects of various production techniques and ingredients. For example the different editions in the range might showcase varying levels of peat, or proportions of sherry-matured whisky in a blend.

The range will launch with three blended malt whiskies which display the effects of using higher proportions of well-aged whisky in the mix. These whiskies will be named Reference Series I,II and III, and are made of the following ingredients: A-Youthful, vibrant blended malt, B-Older, more complex, spicy blended malt, C-Old Single Malt, D-Very, very old single malt.

So the percentage of each sample are made up with the following Reference Series I- A(83%) B(9%) C(4%) D(4%). Reference Series II- A(67%) B(13%) C(10%) D(10%)and finally Series III- A(36%) B(10%) C(19%) D(35%).

The range will expand further to showcase other ingredients or techniques, using these initial three as a base. The other ingredients or techniques will be indicated in the name of future releases. For example, 1.1 might be Reference Series I, with more peat in the blend, or 2.2 might be Reference Series II with more Sherry in the mix. Each new ingredient or production technique will be featured across all three Reference Series whiskies, allowing whisky drinkers to sample the effects they have on the initial releases.

You can then compare the newer editions against the initial range, "referring" back to them, if you will, hence the name.

To sum up-you will be able to compare all the exciting things distillers and blenders do to make their whisky, and use the initial range as a "control".

The first three Reference Series expressions (as well as 3cl samples) are now available for purchase from Master of Malt.

Many thanks again to Master of Malt for the official sample.

Tasting Notes & Details


Definately getting the older nose here, alot of developing flavours here, a light creamy and light earthyness and again the marmalade and maltyness comes through and the sherry notes have developed into brown sugar and toffee.


A bigger influence of age now, thick chocolate and cherry with raisins. A sensational wholesome flavour that will have you chewing away.


Nice long and aged finish with the classic leathery notes that certain aged whiskies provide. The chocolate is still evident. Lovely

Bottle Details

Bottle Name: Reference Series III
Age: NAS
ABV: 47.50
Distiller: Master of Malt
Bottler: Master of Malt
Type: Blended Malt
From: Scotland, No Defined Scottish Region
Posted: 06/05/2014 by Neil

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