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13/06/2012 The Angels Share - A Movie from (Whisky) Heaven?

Things have been a bit chaotic recently so today was the first opportunity I had to get along to the cinema to watch Ken Loach's Whisky Masterpiece The Angels Share.

The plot line involves some proper Glaswegian gadgies doing community service and getting involved in trying to steal some of the last remaining cast of Malt Mill whisky before it gets auctioned to help them financially through their woes and hopefully move them up to a better palce and status.

The 2 distilleries (Deanston and Balblair) look fantastic, and famed whisky writer Charles McLean turns in a great performance as the Master of the Quaich.

The Angels Share

The Film is thick with naughty words but it suits the films context and it wouldn't feel right without it. The actors play their parts really well and i really enjoyed this film and would recommend anyone with a fleeting interest in Whisky to go see it, or even if you don't it's still a good fun story with plenty of laugh out loud moments.