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06/02/2014 More Young Drinkers Opt For Whisky

World WHisky Day For generations whisky has been associated with older drinkers but times are changing.

A new survey to mark 100 days to World Whisky Day shows more young people than ever before are choosing to drink whisky but not in traditional ways. Over 60% of young people aged 18 to 24 declared they were whisky drinkers but a quarter of them said it had to be with Coke or other mixers.

World Whisky Day Founder Blair Bowman, 23 said that proved Scotch offers something for everyone.

“Whisky is increasingly a worldwide drink. In the Far East and South America it’s incredibly popular amongst all ages and now it seems we’re seeing a new generation at home discovering its charms and versatility”, said Blair.

“This year’s World Whisky Day on May 17th will be bigger and better than ever before. With the Commonwealth Games, Homecoming and the Ryder Cup the focus is really on Scotland in 2014 so we’re expecting to see events in every continent and some special celebrations here”.

Blair founded World Whisky Day in 2011 while studying at Aberdeen University. Following graduation, this is his first year running World Whisky Day full time. The initiative has the backing of Scottish Government and key players in the whisky industry.

Blair continued: “It’s great to see young people enjoying whisky, regardless of whether it’s neat, with a mixer or in a cocktail.“

World Whisky Day aims to raise the profile of whisky worldwide and to stimulate interest in whisky throughout the world.