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17/01/2014 Christmas Mulled Cup

Christmas Mulled Cup We're all a big fan of fan surprises aren't we? So I was really happy when not long before Christmas a surprise parce arrived from the wonderful chaps and chapesses at Master of Malt and Maverick Drinks being this wonderful Christmas Mulled Cup Liqueur.

Part of the Professor Cornelius Ampleforth range, which come in the most awesome brown paper wrapped bottles, this liqueur is designed to be added to a bottle of red wine to make a wonderful flavoursome Mulled Wine and it does a damned good job of that.

I've had mulled wine with this a few times now, it took a few attempts before I remembered I really should write some notes about this. The odd part comes with the fact that you don't get many of the traditional smells that I associate with making Mulled Wine as many of the ingredients i would normally add have been added and distilled previously, but it certainly doesn't detract from the taste.

On it's own the nose on this liqueur is oranges and spices with lots of plummy port like notes also it's very sweet on it's own but with the addition of a bottle of Australian Shiraz and some sugar to tame the wine it becomes very very drinkable.

The mulled wine produced smells a little spicy for my liking but the taste is anything but, it's sweet and spicy and plummy and fruity and.... ok can I actually just say "YUMMY" because thats exactly what it is, Yummy.

I've got a little of this left which will keep me going on another winter night soon, but I will be stocking up with a few bottles of this before the Festive period.

many thanks again to the very kind folks at Master of Malt and Maverick Drinks for this festive treat and i really would recommend you pop over to Master of Malt and get a bottle to try yourself, this stuff really does work.