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09/06/2013 A Triple Stack of Independant Highland Parks

Another opportunity to combine a few reviews into one page so why not, this tiem three independantly bottled whiskies from the Highland Park distillery, all three different, only one at full cask strength and all three showing just how versatile this distillery is.

Highland Park 8 Year Old (The Macphails Collection) Highland Park 8 Year Old (The Macphails Collection)

This dram was one i tasted at Livingston Whisky Club we'd picked it up for a bargain price just to see how it was and we were all in agreement that it was actaully a damn nice dram. It shows it's age a little with some youthful sweet notes but that adds to it's character for me. You can pick up a bottle from The Whisky Exchange

Bottle Name Highland Park 8 Year Old (The Macphails Collection)
Bottler Gordon & Macphail
Distiller Highland Park
Age* 8
ABV 43%
Nose initially a short sniff of malt and smoke then there's a hint of sweetness, very similar to the floral sweetness i get from new make, the smoke builds in the glass but doesn't overpower and is very much a passing whiff like driving past some old cottages, there's a sherried dried fruit note that rounds off the nose on this. It's definitely "young" but lovely.
Taste lots of sweetness and sherried dried fruit, malt loaf and oak leaf with a gentle hint of smoke
Finish sweet sherried fruit.

Highland Park 14 Year Old (Old Malt Cask)Highland Park 14 Year Old (Old Malt Cask)

This lovely dram came courtesy of a sample from my #WhiskyBrother Steve Prentice (@steveprentice) of the Somerset Whisky Blog, hailing from the Douglas Laing range from before the seperation of the company this Old Malt Cask dram has a real depth of flavour and i really enjoyed relaxing with it..

Bottle Name Highland Park 14 Year Old (Old Malt Cask)
Bottler Douglas Laing
Distiller Highland Park
Age* 14
ABV 50%
Nose the edges of this dram come with gentle peat smoke like the smell of passing some lovely village cottages, then theres a slight note of sweet oak before the sherry sweetness hits with a lovely dried fruit note mixed with some summer berries.
Taste lovely sweet oak wood with hints of sweet peat smoke and sherried fruits, the smoke and oak are the main flavours here.
Finish Big finish that grows and grows heating you up from your toes

SMWS 4.167 SMWS 4.167

I'm always willing to try some The Scotch Malt Whisky Society drams so when John McCheyne (@smwsambassador) offered to send me a wee sample i was never going to refuse. Like all of the SMWS drams i've had so far the flavours and depth are really impressive and it's got a really interesting oatyness.

Bottle Name SMWS 4.167
Bottler Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Distiller Highland Park
Age* 16
ABV 54.7%
Nose first whiff and my head is screaming "oh this is really cool" there's syrup coated oat flapjacks touches of marshmallow and cheerios and weetabix.
Taste oily mouthfeel with more of the oats and syrup, sweet and cereally, lovely stuff.
Finish big kick to this, grows and grows