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21/05/2013 A Triad of Ardbegian Delight

Once again i think it is time to combine a few reviews into one page on the blog this time though it's time for the one of the whisky power players as i tour round a few from Islay's Ardbeg distillery.

The whisky from Ardbeg tends to be on the hugely peaty side with some really lovely underlying sweetness and I'm quite a fan our their whiskies, even having an Ardbeg tattoo on my arm.

Ardbeg 10 Year Old Ardbeg 10 Year Old

Ok so first up is the Ardbeg 10 Year Old, shockingly although i drink a fair amount of this dram i only realised very recently that i was yet to review it for the website, that disgusting behaviour is sorted today as I add in this as the first of three cracker Ardbeg drams. No matter how many other Ardbeg's i try I still absolutely love this one.

If you love it as much as me remember you can pop over to Master of Malt and pick one up.

Bottle Name Ardbeg 10 Year Old
Bottler Ardbeg
Distiller Ardbeg
Age* 10
ABV 46%
Nose Ardbeg 10 really is a peat monster, the first thing that hits is a really earthy smoky peat note that then moves to a strong woody charcoal BBQ ribs before going to a sweeter side with fresh galia melon and a touch of sweet royal gala apples.
Taste more earthy notes, touches of fresh grass and royal gala apples with a hint of toffee and chewing tobacco and freshly crushed ground coffee
Finish it just grows and grows, what a dram.

Ardbeg 18 Year Old (Master of Malt)Ardbeg 18 Year Old (Master of Malt)

This 18 Year Old bottling from Master of Malt is an absolute blinder, and the sample was sent to me by Danny Williamson (@dramstats) of the Dramstats Whisky Blog. Taken from a refill ex-sherry cask this still has that wonderful earthy peat that you expect from Ardbeg but it also has something hugely different, a blast of fruityness and creamyness that i genuinely did not expect to find in an Ardbeg.

I only with Master of Malt still had this in stock.

Bottle Name Ardbeg 18 Year Old (Master of Malt)
Bottler Master of Malt
Distiller Ardbeg
Age* 18
ABV 56.3%
Nose oh wow i wasnt expecting that, i was expecting the normal huge peaty note from Ardbeg and what i get instead is light smoke and a huge creamy fruitiness, like butterscotch angel delight on top of a tinned fruit salad in syrup, the nose on this is devine, grapes, melons, peaches, pears, apples, cherries it's just gorgeous.
Taste Now there's the peat hit that i was expecting, but it doesnt overpower the sweetness underlying it, it's creamy / oily with more of the tinned fruit salad edinburgh rock and porridge, made the proper way with salt.
Finish fresh and sweet with an overlying layer of soot.

Ardbeg Ardbog Ardbeg Ardbog

Third and final Ardbeg for this short series of reviews is the new Ardbeg Ardbog, coming out on Ardbog Day, which is the 1st June 2013, this limited release has had some of its contents in a Manzanilla Sherry Cask and the influence is clear to taste.

The trademark peat and earth notes are still there but there's a real fruity note that mixes with it, if you can manage to grab a bottle of this then do so, you will not be disappointed.

Bottle Name Ardbeg Ardbog
Bottler Ardbeg
Distiller Ardbeg
Age* 10
ABV 52.10%
Nose the nose kicks off straight from the bottle with a huge hit of peat smoke and coal soot, then the nose goes really sweet underneath with a sweet thick winey nose, there's a lovely sweet mixed fruit jam nose with a bit of manuka honey and creme brule finishing off the nose.
Taste really quite smooth and sweet, with coal soot in there along with mixed crushed nuts and dried fruits
Finish becomes quite nutty and gritty, lovely though