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20/05/2013 A Tetrad of Single Cask Grains

Once again i think it is time to combine a few reviews into one page on the blog and go through a few whiskies that are all connected so as The Scotch Malt Whisky Society are having a Grain Week i think reviewing three of those grain whiskies is a great way to do it.

First of all many thanks to Joe (@SMWSLondon) from the London venue for sending me a range of samples to try, i've just started my new job so trips into the venues this week are out for me unfortuanately.

I've had a number of SMWS grain whiskies in the past although hav only reviewed G5.6 on this blog until now.


The Edinburgh grin distillery that this whisky comes from closed in 1987 (that was the year i went to High School) and although I've tried a whisky from this distillery before i've not tried one as nice as this. The name "Chocolate Cafe Latte" really is very apt and describes it very well.

Bottle Name SMWS G3.5
Bottler The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Distiller Caledonian (Closed)
Age* 33
ABV 49.6%
Nose initially i get something here thats a little bitter, like a freshly crushed coffee bean then there's some sweetness underlying like a touch of Magners pear cider, it asmost smells like it has bubbles like cider (i know that sounds mental), and there's a touch of burnt toast in there too.
Taste theres more fruit here pear and apple juice but still that burnt toast and bitter coffee note also.
Finish lovely sweetness from pear and apple cider


This distillery, by the bonnie bonnie banks, is completely new to me i've not had any grain or malt from here before so it was really interesting for me, Being the first bottling from this distillery by the society it's also quite a pleasure and very exciting to try it, the name "Sweet and Sour Melange" really does give you an idea of what to expect.

Bottle Name SMWS G9.1
Bottler The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Distiller Loch Lomond
Age* 11
ABV 57.8%
Nose the initial note for me is fresh brown bread, with a touch of sweet and sour sauce, a little spicy and a touch of fresh pineapple nip on the nose, underlying that thers's some gentle oaky wood notes that are almost sawdust or wood shavings with some demerera sugar.
Taste tinned peaches in syrup with a quality street toffee penny and a gentle kick of spice too
Finish toffee and spices lovely

SMWS G10.2 SMWS G10.2

I sampled some of G10.1 when at SMWS London before Whisky Live and still have my notes to post on that particular dram (i think i might actually just post them below this one), this second bottling from the distillery that took over most of the work when Dumbarton closed is a cracker. Almost as old as me and with the name "Sweet and substantial" it really is a brilliant dram.

Bottle Name SMWS G10.2
Bottler The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Distiller Strathclyde
Age* 35
ABV 59.7%
Nose sweet and sugary to begin with, demerera sugar though, not granulated white sugar, with a toffee and brown bread note. theres a heather floral note and some vanilla too, quite yummy
Taste quality street toffee pennies on brown bread with demerera sugar and chinese all spice
Finish Chinese allspice and demerera sugary.

SMWS G10.1SMWS G10.1

Whilst typing out the rest of this i remembered i had yet to post to my notes from trying this dram at SMWS London on the way to Whisky Live, so out came the notebook and we might as well add it in. Funnily enough it was Joe (@SMWSLondon) who served me this "Thanksgiving Dram" as my first dram of the day and the name really is perfect for it.

Bottle Name SMWS G10.1
Bottler The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Distiller Strathclyde
Age* 23
ABV 59.6%
Nose Sweet candy with a touch of grassy grain and sweet sherried fruit, floral notes and a touch of dark chocolate round off lovely nose
Taste Little bit Chalky with some pork crackling, lots of the sweet sherried fruit notes coming through too
Finish Pork Crackling and Sherried Dried Fruit

If you are not already a member at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society i really couldn't recommend it highly enough, the range of whiskies, the knowledgable staff, the exquisite venues and the sheer quality of the whiskies really does make it very much worthwhile.