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08/05/2013 A Hat-trick of Wemyss Malts

I've been a big fan of Wemyss Malts whiskies for a while now, a bottle of The Hive 12 Year Old is one of the permanent fixtures of my whisky shelf now and the Spice King is such a good whisky that i want to add that as a long standing member of my whisky shelf also, but their range of single cask whiskies are truely something else.

I'd been lucky enough to try some Lemon Sorbet previously but was over the moon when a selection of the current single cask offerings were dropped off by the Whisky Fairy with many thanks to the generosity of the guys at Wemyss Malts. Then when two of my favourite distilleries (Auchentoshan and Bunnahabhain) just happen to feature in the selection, well i just wasn't going to have a bad time at all was I.

Auchentoshan Classic Wemyss Malts - Candied Fruits

Auchentoshan is probably the easiest distillery for me to get to, 45/50 minutes on the train away, and I'm a big fan of the sweet smooth flavours that the triple distilling imparts into the whisky. This dram is gorgeous and i would be more than happy to have a bottle sitting in front of me right now .

Bottle Name Wemyss Malts Candied Fruits
Bottler Wemyss Malts
Distiller Auchentoshan
Age* 1998 Vintage
ABV 46%
Nose really interesting nose on this dram there's a slight hint of sawdust with a smattering of olde sweet shop jars boiled sweets and a gentle lick of sweet floral notes
Taste Sweet and sugared boiled sweets with still that gentle lick of sawdust.
Finish boiled sweets and sweet sawdust

Compass Box Great King Street Artists Blend Wemyss Malts Chocolate Honeycomb

Bunnahabhain is probably my favourite Islay, i love peated whisky but the smooth chocolate and sherry of the standard Bunnahabhains really work for me and i always have some Bunnahabhain in the house. This single cask is fantastic and i will be hunting down a bottle of it, this whisky really does live up to the Chocolate Honeycomb name.

Bottle Name Wemyss Malts Chocolate Honeycomb
Bottler Wemyss Malts
Distiller Bunnahabhain
Age* 2001 Vintage
ABV 46%
Nose Wow, there's definitely chocolate here, not the bitterness of proper 70% cocoa chocolate but more like the velvety smoothness of a Galaxy chocolate bar, touch of fruit in there also some definite orange peel and vanilla covered raisins.
Taste honey sweetness and spicy orange peel with a touch of puff candy, milk chocolate and raisins
Finish milk chocolate orange.

Bowmore Legend Wemyss Malts Ginger Spice

I've had a few Glenrothes whiskies now and they are definitely growing on me, this is also the second 1988 vintage i've had with the own bottling and now this cracker of a dram. This whisky has made me want to try and see if I can get any more Glenrothes and will be hunting down some more single cask versions.

Bottle Name Wemyss Malts Ginger Spice
Bottler Wemyss Malts
Distiller Glenrothes
Age* 1988 Vintage
ABV 46%
Nose oh my god i love this, there's such a really nice nose on this, it's gorgous freshly grated ginger squeezed into some pulped orange juice with a kick of chinese allspice
Taste candied ginger with a real orange peel tang to it and a smattering of spice.
Finish chinese allspice and orange peel.

Thanks once again to Wemyss Malts for the opportunity to try these fantastic whiskies, i'd suggest that you go and try to hunt them down as soon as you can.