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08/02/2013 Featured Blogs - Whisky Girl

More from the feature on whisky bloggers this time from The Netherlands and Whisky Girl and it's owner Femke Tijtsma Sijtsma.

I've been following Femke's blog for a while now and been involved with a couple of Blind Tastings that Femke had organised.

Whisky Girl

Why did you start your Whisky website?

I started WhiskyGirl to pull whisky enthusiasts into my whisky adventure. Women in the whisky world are relatively new. I remember that people thought I drank whisky all day long. And every time, I had to say to them: I don’t drink whisky all day long, I enjoy whisky. And when you enjoy whisky, you’re getting a lot of more fun and knowledge. The adventure continues. The positive reactions I get, are just fantastic.

What is your earliest Whisky Memory?

That’s one without a name, on the age of 18. I never found out what that particular whisky was. Last year in April, I started with my whisky adventure and the first whisky was one, I never drink again. White Lion whisky, one whisky with a bad aftertaste and a low Grrrr strenght. Far from enjoyable, but that’s my opinion. There must be people, who like this whisky, maybe with some cola or a lot of ice.

In no particular order what 3 Whiskies would you recommend to someone new to whisky?

To someone who’s new to whisky, I recommend, to try a whisky, that’s not too expensive. And when it’s someone I know well, I offer them to take over the bottle for free, if they don’t like the choice they’ve made. But that has never happened. I’m a peat girl! Maybe I should recommend a peated whisky.... Something to think about.

Here are 3 whiskies, on alphabetic order:

*Bowmore 12yr
Bowmore 12yr is a relatively mild whisky. One with wonderful flavors and surrounded by enchanting aromas, just mouthwatering delicious. With the Bowmore 12yr you’re almost always on the right track.

*Bushmills 10yr
Bushmills is an ideal whiskey to close a hard working day in the summer months (applies for every day). Best place to drink this one is in the garden. But in the winter, at a cozy fire place, it’s not a punishment.

*Nikka All Malt
if you like a nice and surprising whisky, Nikka All Malt, a nice whisky from Japan is a starter. A shy and creamy whisky.

Money no object, what Whisky would you love to own and open?

That’s a difficult one … I’m a curious woman, and particular curious for this whisky, the Teerenpeli 2003, 8yr Fininsh Single Malt Whisky. A bit naughty, but I picked a piece of text from a website, that says it all:

Teerenpeli is the 1st commercially available single malt whisky. The distillery is part of a group of restaurants that also own a brewery. So obviously the best thing to do next was to open a distillery.This a great offering from Finland and undoubtedly is one to watch in the future! … If anyone has a sample I could try, that be so sweet!

Would you have any tips for other Whisky drinkers?

Just enjoy every minute, with the ones you love, your friends, or when there is a possibility, join a club. But I also recommend blind tasting. Not because I organize them, but purely to set your sentence to the test. If you know the name of a whisky, there is a big chance you’re going to track the tasting notes. With a blind tasting that’s out of the question. Are you curious about a particular whisky, buy a sample. It’s a shame if you buy a full bottle, when you’re not enjoying it.

Why should people visit your website?

A womans view isn’t that bad as some may think. A womans view is refreshing, interesting, challenging and you’ve got a chance to taste and enjoy whisky blind if you’re joining one of the blind tastings I organize.

Whisky Girl is on an adventure, that never ends ….....

Many thanks to Femke and please remember to go visit the website at Whisky Girl