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24/01/2013 A Rockin New Blend...

Boxes Blend Master of Malt Announces the Release of ‘Boxes Blend’ from Athlete bassist Carey Willetts

Online retailer Master of Malt announces the launch of a new blended whisky – Boxes Blend – produced in conjunction with Carey Willetts to celebrate Mr Willetts’ solo music project, Boxes.

Master of Malt, in collaboration with Carey Willetts (bassist for the British band, Athlete), has released a new blended whisky to celebrate Mr Willetts’ solo music project and debut album, Boxes: Stickers.

Mr Willetts was introduced to Master of Malt through ex-A&R man Joel Harrison, now founding director of Caskstrength Creative, a whisky consulting firm. Their combined aim was to produce a blended whisky that accurately conveyed Mr Willetts’ own personal taste for the drink: namely, that it be “smooth and sweet with a bit of smoke on the end.”

Mr Willetts is a stalwart whisky enthusiast and embarked on this whisky-blending project with the aim of producing an easy-drinking dram that can be enjoyed by whisky aficionados and amateurs alike. “When we first began blending,” Mr Willetts said, “We ended up with light and almost summery whisky, and it was nice, but not quite right. The Boxes Blend needed that hint of smoke, so we kept working until we got it right. My hope is that Boxes Blend has something for everyone.”

Mr Willetts finds whisky and music to be deeply connected in his own life. “Whisky and music have always been two of my favourite things. Whisky’s always been a big part of my musical history—they both enhance each other. Enjoying whisky and music together is a life-affirming experience.” Mr Willetts’ new solo music project ‘Boxes’ launched its debut album ‘Stickers’ in May 2012. The album cover earned an accolade from the Artrocker Awards 2012, and Mr Willetts admits that he believed the album cover would make a stunning label for a bottle of whisky. The label artwork reflects the design of the album cover.

Boxes Blend – 70cl – 40.0% – £54.95 - Official Notes:
Nose: Buttery and light, with dry grass and soft caramel. A bit of sherried spice and a whiff of banana and fresh apple.
Palate: Soft and smooth in the mouth, with plenty of light and dark toffee notes. There's caramelised orange and vanilla custard with nutmeg too.
Finish: Medium with overtones of soft brown sugar.
Overall: A delectable, easy-drinking blend, best enjoyed with a beloved playlist.
Boxes Blend is now available from Master of Malt.