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23/01/2013 A Speedy Gift for a Whyte Christmas

Signed Bottle of Whyte and Mackay Some days start like any other and then some days stay boring and others become pretty awesome, well back in December i had one of those days which became pretty awesome as after entering a wee competition on Facebook i got a wee message from Whyte and Mackay saying i'd won the chance of a Meet and Greet with Formula 1 Driver Paul di Resta and a bottle of Whyte and Mackay Special signed by the man himself.

Well was i excited, err yes, i really enjoy watching Formula 1 and have watched with interest how Paul has done in his career thus far, supported by Whyte and Mackay as a sponsor.

So the following day, my good friend David and, I travelled into Glasgow to Whyte and Mackays secret headquarters (it's not really secret, it's an awesome big building with Whyte and Mackay in huge letters up the outside of it, where we were met by some staff and taken to a wee seating area to wait for our meet and greet with Paul.

We were the Facebook winners but there were winners from Twitter, The Daily Record and The Sun also, Paul came in and was introduced to us all before we had 10 minutes or so in his company chatting about all manner of formula 1 things from future aspirations to worst crashes, Paul was gracious and open and honest at all times only not answering the one question that he was told not to (who would be the other Force India driver next year).

Paul took time to sign our bottles, and any other items we had with us and we had our pictures taken with him.

David, Paul and Myself
David, Paul and Myself

I'd like to thank Whyte and Mackay for this experience, it was a great day out, Paul was a utter gentleman and i hope he has a great year in 2013.

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