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22/01/2013 Abbey Whisky - The Rare Casks - Which One?

Caperdonich 17year old The first release from the Abbey Whisky Rare Casks series was the brilliant Caperdonich 17 Year Old which i reviewed here and if that whisky is anything to go by the second release in the Rare Casks series will be utterly brilliant.

On most occasions whisky companies tend to bottle these on their own tastings, opinions and thoughts so it was really nice to see Abbey Whisky ask their customers what they wouild like to see as the next release.

Now obviously asking "what would you like" would be mad but having a choice of a coupl is always a good thing so the choices offered up to customers was -

A peated Bunnahabhain, distilled in 1989 and aged in a bourbon barrel for 23 years. Natural cask strength of 44%.


A Bruichladdich distilled in 1992, aged in a bourbon barrel for 20 years. Natural cask strength of 57%.

Now my own preference is for the Peated Bunnahabhain although i also have a huge love for bourbon matured Bruichladdich whisky so my vote went to the Bunnhabhain but i really wouldn't be disappointed with either and knowing the quality of the casks chosen by Abbey Whisky i don't se any of their other customers being disappointed either.

More information about the cask choice is available on the Abbey Whisky website although the voting is finished and the choice has now been made.

The whisky selected was .... well you'll just have to wait and see... but i bet it will be good.

Now to persuade them to bottle a young peaty Jura at Cask strength for me.