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16/01/2013 Sweet Things Are Made Of This

As i've said before it's great to mix food and whisky and that's something i tend to do a lot of, not only with the brilliant Beef, Haggis and Talisker sausages but also pretty much most mornings when i have my tea and toast.

I've hunted about and tried a good few different products and i keep coming back to this brilliant Whisky Marmalade from the Audrey Baxters range of Baxters products. it's got just enough sweetness for me it's not like some of the more bitter marmalade i've tried and there's just enough of a hint of whisky to make you feel good in the morning.

Audrey Baxters Whisky Marmalade

I'm not sure what whisky is used in by Baxters, would be nice if they wanted to tell me, but I don't think it's peated so i'd likely suggest either a highland or speyside whisky.

It's also not as easy to get a hold of as i'd like, none of the local supermarkets (and we pretty much have them all lovally) sell it and i've only ever managed to get it from the Baxters shop at Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh or last week from the Baxters shop outside Tullibardine distillery. I'd love to see this in a supermarket so it gets a wider audience.

I'll keep trying other whisky marmalade though just in case but i keep going back to this one.