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22/09/2017 The Great Score Debate

the Great Scoring Debate There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of debates around the world in all forms of communication about the pros and cons of systems for scoring whisky, this article won’t regurgitate all of that, but it will look at why we don’t do scoring on this site at present, and then it might present a way of scoring whiskies that really is more personal and thoughtful.

The generally recognised 1-10 or 1-100 schemes all have their faults, can you really say 2 whiskies are both a 5/10 and then say one is better than the other? Or what criteria exactly covers the difference between 84/100 and 85/100 and is it really worthwhile having such a great range when very few, if any, score below 7/10 or 70/100?

The new Editorial team at Malt have come up with a partial solution that turns it on its head a little, with much more prescribed reasoning as to scoring, but it still has its faults and like any system or scoring or analysis of whisky, it is entirely subjective and down to the palate, and likes or dislikes of the drinker.

At TWR we’ve never given ratings or scores to whiskies as it’s such a complex process and we recognise that it would be a totally subjective opinion, our reviews only feature our tastings notes, and usually a little blurb to say whether or not it was to the palate of whoever wrote the notes.

By doing this we say what notes are likely to be picked up in the whisky, and allow people to make a choice based on the flavour profiles, not a made up scheme of numbers.

We’ve chatted this over many times and if we had to do a ratings system, this is the only way we think we could do it.

0 – I would smile graciously if given a bottle of this then promptly deliver it to the local Primary School charity raffle.
1 – I’d drink it if given to me as a gift, but wouldn’t waste my own money on a bottle
2 – At a decent price i’d buy a glass of this, but wouldn’t invest in a whole bottle.
3 – Damn drinkable and within my price range, I’d happily buy (or have bought) one of these and enjoy it.
4 – I’d be over the moon if given a bottle of this, and would probably drink it fairly quickly.
5 – I’d suck the sweaty toes of a senior brand executive for the opportunity to have a single drop more of this

So what do you think of this scoring method? Would it be one that you think you could use? Would you like us to implement it here? Lets us know in the comments or on social media.