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21/09/2012 White Rabbit Found in Whisky Shop

Jack Daniels White Rabbit Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Saloon 120th Anniversary Bottling Now Available via The Whisky Shop! Only £26.75

Mr. Jack Daniel was known to have a taste for a well told tale and the company of good friends. That’s why he built a big house on the edge of town and why he owned two saloons on the Lynchburg Square. They were places he could spend time with friends. Mr. Jack’s White Rabbit Saloon was a favourite Lynchburg gathering place. Like his home, it boasted a number of comforts – a magnificent bar that stretched the length of the saloon, a row of spittoons, even an electric powered palmetto fan to keep patrons cool. Of course, Mr. Jack’s whiskey was also quite a draw. Near the end of Jack’s life, Tennessee Prohibition would close the doors of his beloved gathering place. But, thankfully, his spirit continues to bring people together more than a century later.,

This limited edition release honors Mr. Jack’s opening of the White Rabbit Saloon formerly located in Lynchburg’s town square 120 years ago. Bottled at 43% volume.

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