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21/10/2016 A Lunch Date at Wedgwood

A lunch date at Wedgwood It has been my intention for a while to add more food related content to this website, but I was always a little put off as I had originally named it Toms Whisky Reviews, but that doesn't really encompass all that i like writing about. I've considered a couple of time a sister site which would be more described as "lifestyle" blogging but to be honest i don't want the work of doing two blogs.

This site has grown with the additional of Gin, Cider, Rum and more reviews and I have written several articles about food in the past, so today begins the first of, what i hope, will become a much more regular thing as i talk about food, including individual items and restaurant reviews.

A short while back my wife and I went to Wedgwood for a late anniversary lunch, due to work on both our parts it was difficult to get the right time for us and we finally got a date in September and made it along.

I've hosted a whisky tasting, or two, in here but had not previously been in for food, but had heard many a good thing.

The first thing that gets you here is the atmosphere and the staff; it is friendly, welcoming, comfortable, the kind of place that you feel at home in straight away and the staff are attentive without being overly so.

When the Starters arrived I was so busy eating it i forgot to take a picture, but I managed to catch up with the mains. My wife went for the fish dish, Sea bass with a lobster bisque, and for me it had to be the Venison with it's own haggis. The food was the perfect temperature for eating, great portion control as we both polished off our meals without feeling stuffed, or still hungry.

The Dessert menu was a dream and again a difference as I plumped for the old favourite of sticky toffee pudding and my wife went for a fresher frangipan sponge and strawberries. I matched mine with a glass of Dessert wine which worked amazing well together, just as per the recommendation.

Once we were finished we were not rushed out but made to feel relaxed and allow us to finish our drinks, and even have more if we had wanted, without feeling the need for the table, despite the fact there were very few spaces left in the restaurant at the time.

The food here is great, priced well, especially at Lunch service, and the atmosphere makes this a restaurant you want to go back to over and over again.

I can't wait til the next time.

Sea bass Fillet in Lobster Bisque
Seabass Fillet with Lobster Bisque

Venison with its own Hagis
Venison with its own Haggis

Frangipan sponge and strawberries

Sticky toffee pudding
Very Sticky toffee Pudding