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08/06/2016 Opinions are Like ...

opinions are like
Yes, you're correct I'm talking about that famous quote, the one that basically tells you to think for yourself, not to worry about what other people say and to just go with what makes you happy.

Why then do people always want to give their opinion? Why is it that when a whisky one person enjoys isn't to another persons taste that they have to berate them, or tell them how wrong they are?

The tasting, by that I am meaning the whole process of nose, palate and finish, of a whisky is purely subjective. It's the emotional connection an individual has with a flavour, so for some people certain flavours will bring different emotions.

We all have different pasts and histories, different tastebuds and preferences, and we're all entitled to enjoy our whiskies in whichever way we see fit.

But please don't use that as an excuse to tell everyone else how wrong they are, it's ok to have your opinion on a whisky, it's ok to express that opinion, it's also,ok to debate it and see how others differ, but it's not ok to tell someone else that they're wrong.

Some of the master blenders and distillers can identify 100s or 1000s of unique flavours, so they can objectively pick out certain flavours, what they can't do is tie that to the emotional attachment "you" have to that flavour.

That might be as simple as lavender reminding you of your mums perfume, of citrus fruits reminding you of an orange in your Christmas stocking, or smoke reminding you of your Grandad's pipe, and those emotional ties to the flavours are yours and yours alone.

If you love a whisky, it's likely because something in the flavour profile is comforting to you, or captures you emotionally in some way, or has triggered an memory for you.

When you read any whisky notes or opinions, my own included, remember they are that persons attachments to emotion, or memory and just because that person loves, or hates, a particular whisky, it in no way means that you will also.

So next time you see an opinion on a whisky that you don't agree with, think twice before rubbishing it straight away, then discuss with that person what they like or dislike about the whisky, you never know you might just get to know that person a bit better by doing so!

Opinions are Like