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21/05/2016 Scottish Leaders New Perspective

Scottish Leaders New Perspective The blended Scotch market has typically focused on heritage and tradition in the past, but relative newcomer, Scottish Leader, is embracing a fresh, collaborative team approach to the production of its premium Scotch, with the appointment of a newly created role – Lead Blender.

At 40 years young, Scottish Leader is unconstrained by traditional boundaries and has taken the opportunity to follow a more contemporary, collaborative approach to differentiate the brand by promoting Dr Kirstie McCallum to Lead Blender for the Scotch.

She will be supported by a 15-strong blending team, dedicated to batch producing its premium Scottish Leader blends. With nearly 400 years’ combined experience, the blending team offers an exceptional level of expertise to consistently produce perfectly-balanced, full-bodied whiskies, that are enjoyed across the globe.

Kirstie has extensive technical experience in the industry, coupled with her knowledge and passion for the brand, she was the obvious choice to take the Scottish Leader brand forward. Having worked at Burn Stewart Distillers and Distell for nearly 10 years, Kirstie has an acute understanding of the Scottish Leader blend. Her dynamic, forward-thinking outlook is the epitome of the brands ‘new perspectives, richer possibilities’ ethos and this will be key, as Scottish Leader evolves and innovates to meet the needs of whisky lovers old and new.

Dr Kirstie McCallum, Lead Blender for Scottish Leader said: “Being at the forefront of such a forward-thinking brand is really refreshing. The collaborative approach will allow us to excel in producing the unique, quality blends that Scottish Leader is known for, while also creating the opportunity for the brand to innovate as part of its journey in the future and to attract new audiences.”

Michael Lloyd, Global Marketing Manager for Scottish Leader said: “This change is timely as it allows us to further embrace our ‘new perspectives’ ethos and move away from the heritage-driven requirement to have a Master Blender in order to evoke authenticity. “Having entered an extremely established market, Scottish Leader is an unapologetically young brand, that aims to challenge tradition and break the mould. By adopting a collaborative approach to producing premium blends, introducing innovations and embracing ‘richer possibilities’, the brand will breathe fresh life into an ageing sector with a ‘new perspective’.”

The team changes continue the recent brand journey, which included Scottish Leader’s revitalisation of the brand. The Scottish Leader range includes four rich, smooth blends – Original, Supreme, Signature and 12 Year Old. In 2014, the Scottish Leader brand underwent a successful relaunch to create ‘new perspectives’ and realise ‘richer possibilities’. The Scottish Leader Original blend was enhanced increasing the malt content offering a contemporary, complex but well-balanced liquid that is accessible and appealing to new, younger whisky drinkers.

The brand also introduced the new Signature variant containing older peated whiskies, designed to be category challenging and provide something different for the Scottish Leader consumer. As part of the brand evolution the packaging and bottle were refreshed to ensure the whisky stood tall and proud with the introduction of a contemporary and distinctive design. This was enhanced by the soaring eagle icon, reflecting the brand’s ambition, vision and sense of freedom that allows Scottish Leader to stand out from its heritage-driven competitors, as the young contemporary.

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Scottish Leaders New Perspective

Scottish Leaders New Perspective