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19/03/2016 The Perfect Jameson Irish Coffee

THE PERFECT JAMESON IRISH COFFEE Jameson, the world’s favourite Irish Whiskey, is challenging convention by re-assessing an often overlooked classic – the Irish Coffee. During Jameson’s annual festivities in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson Head Blender Billy Leighton, renowned mixologist Nick Strangeway and local coffee roasters TwoFifty Square will celebrate the perfect Jameson Irish Coffee and the unique qualities of this classic cocktail.

Recent cultural trends make the Irish Coffee the perfect cocktail for today’s whiskey lovers; with a global coffee culture continuing to grow and an increasing interest in high-quality cocktails, the Irish Coffee is a serve that speaks of 2016.

The iconic serve has been deconstructed and re-assembled with an emphasis on taste, perfectly balanced flavours, and a serve that is fit for 21st century. The simple recipe – worthy of a top cocktail bar – can equally be prepared in the comfort of your own home.

The three experts bring together the best of their respective fields to craft the perfect Irish Coffee; Irish whiskey, coffee and mixology. Working collaboratively to ensure that all components complement each other perfectly, they have honed their take on the Perfect Jameson Irish Coffee.

Watch The Video of How this was put together below:



35ml Jameson
90ml medium-roasted espresso coffee
10ml demerara and muscovado sugar syrup*
30ml lightly whipped double cream
Vanilla pod, cinnamon stick, freshly ground nutmeg
How to make the cocktail:

Stir the sugar syrup into the Jameson in your warmed glass
Whip your chilled double cream lightly until it starts to stiffen
Brew a 45ml shot into your glass from your espresso machine
Reload and brew in a second 45ml shot
Pour the whipped cream over the back of a spoon so it floats on top
Garnish with a trimmed vanilla pod or a stick of cinnamon
Dust with a grating of fresh nutmeg
Enjoy the Perfect Jameson Irish Coffee!
How to make the demerara and muscovado sugar syrup:

*Dissolve 2 parts demerara sugar and 1 part muscovado sugar in 3 parts of boiling water