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01/12/2015 Learning With I Want To Know Whisky

Do you want to know whisky? A while back i received the information and press release for the I Want To Know Whisky online whisky eduction course, and thought it looked an interesting concept.

I was then sent a full pack to try the course myself and give it a real run through. It's taken me a while to do it, mainly as i needed to find the time amongst everything else i do, but it was worth doing.

Many experienced whisky fans will find bits of this a little basic, but there are some interesting facts to be found in here along with some little gems of information which I love seeing.

The initial package is extremely well presented and would make a lovely gift, it's professional looking and made with quality materials so feels nice too.

Do you want to know whisky?

The online course itself is easy to sign up to and very well presented, with quality imagery and an easy to navigate system (both on my desktop and ipad). The course content whilst at a level that some might feel basic, explains everything in clear and precise terms and avoids too much technical speak with lay-mans terms being used, but without it being dumbed down too much.

The question sections are fun and i loved the interactive elements of putting bottles in the right places, or dragging elements to the right sections etc, although once or twice (including in the exam section) they didn't quite stay where they were meant to, but it was a minor glitch and nothing i was too worried about.

Although for me much of the learning for me involved date specific elements i did find it enjoyable. Lets be honest here i still love getting the "this is how we make whisky" chat on tours despite having completed an awful lot of them in the past, it's not something that gets on my nerves like it will for others.

There may be one or two things that i would change, just as i'm a bet pedantic that way, but overall it's a great experience and a nice way to spend a few hours whilst sipping a dram (or in my case this morning a Coffee).

If you want highly in depth expert level knowledge this is not the course for you, but if you want to learn a bit more about whisky, or are looking for a gift for a whisky drinker I think this is a really nice way to go.

Thanks again to I Want To Know Whisky
for allowing me to experience this online course and gain my certificate (below).
Do you want to know whisky?