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25/10/2015 The Best Whisky in the World ... Ever

The Best Dram Ever Now I know the headline is going to catch the eye but this really is about how we decide, for ourselves, what the best whisky in the world ever is.

So let's start with a bit of conversation about how you evaluate what is the best whisky in the world ever, is it about the nose? ... Should it bring back memories of the past and elicit thoughts of comfort and love, should it smell of your favourite fruit or your favourite perfume?

Or is it the palate... Should it be sweet or salty, spicy or smoky, should it be waxy, oily or creamy, should there be notes of warmth or a feeling of satisfaction?

It could be the finish though, that glowing feeling of warmth from a peat beast or a sherry monster, or the light soft glow of vanilla or custard from an ex-bourbon cask or that short heat from a young whisky?

Well for me it's none of these, these are all ways in which we can describe whisky but they don't give you the emotive detail that goes with the environment in which you're tasting.

Not long ago on a Twitter discussion I said "whisky is more about who you're with than what you're drinking" and I totally stand by that, having an average dram in great company can be your best ever whisky just as a great whisky in the wrong company can be spoiled beyond reproach. (my good friend Johnnie (@johnniestumbler) commented about it on his blog also.

The one dram that stands out for me, above all others, is that dram of famous grouse (at least I thought that was what it was) that was used to toast the speeches the day I got married.

That dram nosed amazing, like a million opportunities to come, it tasted fabulous, full of sweetness and loving and the finish... Well it's still going strong 18 years later ... So for me that is the Best Whisky in the World Ever.... What's yours?

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