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02/10/2015 Introducing

Introducing, the world’s most authoritative online whisky magazine, launches this weekend (3-4 October) at The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show in London.

With extensive editorial content written and curated by Dave Broom, Becky Paskin and Richard Woodard, and contributed to by a who’s who of global whisky writers – including Alice Lascelles, Fiona Beckett, Gavin Smith, Martine Nouet and Ryan Chetiyawardana – will become an unrivalled resource for both whisky novices and connoisseurs worldwide.

The website will boast an enviable international roster of correspondents from South Africa to North America, Sweden to Tokyo who will be writing on the nature of Scotch in their home markets.’s prime mission is to educate users about the dynamic and diverse world of Scotch whisky, from its riveting heritage and protected production processes, through to cocktail suggestions and travel guides.

Upon its official launch some of the site’s key features will include daily news and features; interviews with a spectrum of whisky personalities from distillery managers and blenders to scientists and ambassadors, highlighting the forgotten heroes who work behind the scenes; tasting notes and scores of new Scotch whisky releases; coverage of international whisky shows and events; an interactive map of whisky shops around the globe, allowing users to click through to the retailers’ own platforms; and of course reliably unfettered whisky opinions from the editors.

The most groundbreaking feature of is Whiskypedia, the most reliable and informed encyclopaedia of Scotch whisky distilleries, companies and brands available on the web. Here both whisky aficionados and novices can discover little-known facts and intriguing timelines, delve into a distillery’s history and geek-out with in-depth production data and information on a level never before published online. Want to know the shape and size of Craigellachie’s spirit stills, the fermentation time and yeast type used to create Macallan, or why Port Ellen’s fame grew only after the distillery fell silent? Whiskypedia has the answers.

However,’s launch at The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show represents only the beginning of a journey to create the world’s ultimate whisky website. Over the coming months, new sections will be added that will grow to unrivalled proportions.

In the near future visitors can expect to discover a comprehensive bottle library containing details of some 45,000+ Scotch whisky bottlings; in-depth and interactive digital guides to the whisky production process; themed tastings involving both trade and consumers; information on whisky investment; complementary lifestyle content from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, food and travel; cocktail recipes; competitions; plus the chance to become a part of the industry and build a virtual online whisky cabinet as a member of the digital community. will additionally seek to nourish talent from up-and-coming whisky writers from across the world, making it the most diverse yet inclusive digital whisky platform in the world.


Dave Broom, Chief Engineer and winner of both the ‘Best Cocktail & Spirits Writer’ plus ‘Best New Spirits Book’ awards for Whisky: The Manual at the 2015 Spirited Awards, said: “Accessible, informative, provocative, wide-ranging, entertaining, and non-elitist. These are the watchwords of

“We want it to be a site where whisky geeks (and we include ourselves as such) will find the detailed information they desire. As importantly, however, this is a site where the whisky newcomer is welcomed, a place where they can start their whisky journey. It also places whisky in a wider context, as a spirit which comes from, lives in and influences a wider culture. Buckle up – it’s going to be fun.”

Becky Paskin, Editor of, said: “Our ambition is to unite everything you could ever want to know about Scotch whisky in one reliable and widely accessible online portal – something that’s been palpably missing from the web until now. We hope the combination of our writers’ captivating and multifarious articles, labyrinth of encyclopaedic information, easy-to-navigate and colourful design, and the natural, irresistible charm of the Scotch universe will keep’s readers hooked.”

Richard Woodard, Magazine Editor of, said: “Our mission with the magazine section of isn’t just to offer a safe haven for the hardened whisky nut, but also to reassure newcomers to this great drink that there’s nothing to be scared of: Scotch can be – should be – an accessible and fascinating subject, whatever your level of knowledge.

“We also recognise that people who love whisky don’t just love whisky, and aim to provide a broad spectrum of lifestyle content, including food, travel, history and satire. Want to know more about worm tubs or the best hotels in Dubai? Then will have something for you.” will officially launch at The Whisky Show, held at Old Billingsgate in London on 3-4 October 2015. To celebrate the launch, Dave, Becky and Richard have selected an exclusive, commemorative miniature that will be gifted exclusively to the show’s visitors. A no-age-statement single malt, the extremely limited expression has been personally chosen and signed by all three editors.

The team will also be giving visitors an opportunity to share tasting notes of their favourite whisky at the show in the On Air video booth at Stand 50. Videos will be uploaded to regularly throughout the show. Visitors to the stand may also swap their Dream Dram tokens for a pour of The Macallan Anniversary Malt 25 Year Old (distilled 1965) or Ardbeg Very Old – two extremely rare and coveted whiskies also chosen by the editors to commemorate’s launch.

The Whisky Show is open to consumers on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 October at Old Billingsgate in London (