News / Isle of Jura 1976 Vintage Takes Gold at IWSC

26/07/2012 Isle of Jura 1976 Vintage Takes Gold at IWSC

Jura 1976 The Isle of Jura 1976 'Feith A' Chaorainn' vintage has won a Gold Medal in the 2012 IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition).

The 1976 'Feith A' Chaorainn' vintage is the latest sensational rare whisky to be released by the Jura distillery.

Nestled off the West Coast of Scotland, Jura is famed for its strong superstitions, mystical legends and of course its single malts. Many of the Islanders are superstitious in nature believing amongst others that peat should never be cut before May , that haystacks should only be built clockwise and that the rowan tree can bring good luck to them.

This new limited edition expression 'Feith A' Chaorainn' is named after the rowan tree as the translation literally means 'the lands around the rowan'. Bringing good fortune to the Islanders over the years, sprigs of the rowan are placed over doorways to ward off lightening, carried on boats to keep storms away and are even fixed to cattle sheds to protect livestock.

And with only 500 bottles available worldwide of this new release, those who manage to get their hands on a bottle will be truly lucky indeed!

Willie Cochrane, Jura Distiller commented "There has always been a link between the rowan tree and the islanders over the generations so what better way for us to commemorate that bond than bringing out a whisky. It is a special whisky that was first laid down in 1976 and has since been quietly matured in three fresh-run hogshead American White Oak casks which give us the continuity in spirit and taste that we are looking for"

It would also seem that Isle of Jura 1976 'Feith A' Chaorainn' has some famous followers as Scottish music producer and artist Calvin Harris recently Tweeted about the arrival of bottle 40 of 500 of this award winning whisky.

The rest of the Isle of Jura core range were also 2012 IWSC award winners with the 10 Year Old winning a Silver Medal award, the 16 Year Old, Prophecy and 21 Year Old 200th Anniversary bottlings all receiving Silver Outstanding medal awards and Superstition receiving a Bronze medal