News / Weekly Review to 18th January 2015

19/01/2015 Weekly Review to 18th January 2015

BalvenieTime for this weeks review of everything posted between the 12th and 18th January, these weekly reviews are something that will be posted every week which will arrive late Sunday, or early Monday.

The purpose will be to go over the recent reviews, pointing out some of the special ones, and to go over some of the news and releases over the last week (if any).

So this is everything since the last update on the 12th January 2015.

In that time the following 14 reviews (in alphabetic order) have been posted:

Balvenie Golden Cask
Compass Box The General
Fettercairn 30 Year Old
Glen Moray 25yr Port Finish
Glenmorangie Lasanta (43% ABV version)
Longmorn 1973 (Gordon & MacPhail)
Port Charlotte PC12
Rock Oyster (Douglas Laing) (Posted by Neil (@neilmackinnon1) )
SMWS 1.183 A Vibrant Enigma
SMWS 26.105 Bumblebees by the Sea
SMWS 55.23 Chow Mein on a Workbench
SMWS 91.20 The Rumbling Thunder of Contentment
Strathclyde 1973 Cask 74061 (Duncan Taylor)
Tesco Value Scotch Whisky

SMWS This brings the total reviews posted in 2015 so far to 33.

This week has been a good week for whisky, with The Scotch Malt Whisky Society for their Ultimate 2014 Hightlights Tasting at Queen Street being a particular highlight, the SMWS 26.105 Bumblebees by the Sea really stood out at this tasting and was truly a fabulous dram.

Looking back Neil (@neilmackinnon1) had picked this out as one of his highlights from Glasgow's Whisky Festival back in November and it certainly is one of the best examples of a single cask single malt out there, a truly fabulous dram.

This tasting was also the opportunity to try SMWS 1.183 A Vibrant Enigma which at 48 Years Old is the oldest cask ever bottled by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society which is really quite an honour to have managed to sample this dram.

There were a few questions on the comments board and social media about the Balvenie Golden Cask and whether it's essentially the same whisky as Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask so to confirm they are not, the Balvenie Golden Cask is bottled at a higher strength of 47.5% vs 43% and the generally available information is that it uses Gold standard rather than Silver standard Rum Casks, what that means in practice i'm actually not sure, but there is a definite difference between the two drams.

Port Charlotte The news this week has mainly involved some interesting new releases with Douglas Laing announcing the new Island based blended malt Rock Oyster which has been reviewed by Neil (@neilmackinnon1) Here and the release of Port Charlotte PC12 and Octomore 7.2 by Bruichladdich out on the Baltic Sea.

I reviewed the Port Charlotte PC12 and thought it was fabulous, it has a lot less peat on the nose than i had expected but it's still one of the best peated drams on the market and for me was the best Port Charlotte official bottling so far.

In other news Jameson Irish Whiskey released their new 2015 Good Workers, Great Whiskey packaging which looks quite nice, always good to be able to tell when whisky or whiskey was released isn't it.