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02/01/2015 Whisky Blogging Made Me Rich?

money money moneyMany people outside the whisky blogging community, and even lots of friends, think that whisky blogging obviously makes people rich, i mean come on every other type of blogging does, doesn't it?

There are so many "how to make money from blogging" articles out there that don't touch on the issues involved with whisky, or even drinks, blogging that don't realise that unlike fashion or lifestyle blogging theres no quick and easy way to make money.

Lets give an example - a fashion blogger may be gifted a dress/t-shirt/jeans to review but will only do so if also paid for doing it, whereas a whisky blogger will receive maybe 3cl/5cl sample (if they're lucky) or be able to taste it at a show and are not rewarded financially. Yes there are occasional press trips and events but even these are tame in the whisky world in comparison to the trips plus cash awarded to others.

Then there is advertising, i know of a few fashion bloggers getting regular paid advertising from local fashion boutiques, or brands and who are doing maybe 20,000/30,000 page views per annum (lets put that into perspective by saying that this blog received over 17,000 pageviews in December 2014 alone) and yet all whisky bloggers are left with is affiliate schemes which realistically don't even cover the cost of hosting our blogs never mind the actual drinks that are reviewed, as most whisky bloggers put a lot of their own money into it, either in buying shares, or bottles and sharing with friends.

There are very very few full time professional whisky bloggers, and those who are make money from linked things like writing books, presenting tastings, doing PR work at events for brands, selling the PR samples on auctions etc, they aren't making a living from blogging.

Don't get me wrong i think we're in a great priviledged position and get access to occasional samples from some brands and occasionally on trips or events, or days out, but realistically 99% of us do this as a hobby and it costs us money, we all started by writing our blogs as a way of recording our own views and notes, and not many of us expect more than that.

I'd love to be a professional whisky blogger, but real life needs me to pay the bills.

Whisky blogging has made my life rich by introducing me to many friends, who i would now call the best of friends, that i didn't know otherwise, it's also made me value things in life more, but it certainly hasn't put pounds in my pocket.