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07/07/2012 Master of Malt Launch Unique Gin Range

Master of Malt Origin Gin UK-based fine spirits producer and retailer Master of Malt have announced the launch of a completely new concept in the world of gin.

The ‘Origin’ range of London Dry Gins are distilled using juniper sourced from multiple locations around the world – allowing the discerning consumer to explore the effects of terroir (or place of origin) on the flavour of the final gin.

Each of the four gins available at launch is made in exactly the same way, distilled from English wheat spirit, and only one botanical – Juniper. Distillation is conducted at room-temperature, under vacuum to preserve the highest possible amount of flavour from the juniper berries used in its production.

Each bottle of Origin is supplied with a supplementary 10ml vial of other cold-distilled botanicals (Coriander, Fresh Lemon Peel, Bitter Orange Peel, Cardamom, Angelica, Cassia, Liquorice, Cubeb Berries and Camomile) which consumers can, if they choose, add to their bottle of gin to make a more rounded, traditionally flavoured Gin.

Tasting notes for the four initial Gins are:

Origin – Single Estate Juniper Spirit. Arezzo, Italy
Clean Citrus and Pine, with a really smooth creaminess on the finish. Amazingly Long. (purchase here)

Origin – Single Estate Juniper Spirit. Meppel, The Netherlands
Tobacco and Calves Leather, with an earthy, Coffee-Rich Finish. Much more savoury and masculine than the Arezzo. (purchase here)

Origin – Single Estate Juniper Spirit. Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria
Perfumed, Floral notes with a fruity, slightly waxy finish. Puts me in mind of a fantastic old Clynelish. (purchase here)

Origin – Single Estate Juniper Spirit. Valbonë, Albania
Resinous and Blackcurrant-y notes, with hints of Tobacco and a chocolaty finish. Very rich. (purchase here)

Many more locations will be added to the Origin range over the coming months and years –juniper sourced from Macedonia and Kosovo is currently in production, and supply contracts have been agreed with producers / harvesters in France, Tasmania and the USA.

The Origin Range is available now from Master of Malt priced at £34.95 per bottle, and will be in Harvey Nichols stores nationwide from Mid-July.

Note from Tom - I'm very interested in the Origin – Single Estate Juniper Spirit. Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria because I helped to source the Juniper Berries for this particular one, for which i was handsomely rewarded, and will pick up a bottle shortly. That May mean me having a few Gin reviews on the site something very interesting as i'm not normally a gin drinker.