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01/10/2014 Whisky Blending Masterclasses from Master Blender

The Famous Grouse is taking up residence at 15-16 Thomas Neal Centre in London throughout London Cocktail Week (6th – 12th October).

Renowned Mixxit mixologists Wayne Collins, David Miles and Amanda Humphrey will be on hand to demonstrate how whisky provides a versatile base for a range of premium cocktails while Gordon Motion, Master Blender, and his team will educate on the Art of Blending and how they create the same quality and flavour profile each and every time. Bartenders will also be given an opportunity to blend, bottle and take home their very own blended whisky.

Masterclasses are running on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with sessions running from 4pm-6pm and 7pm-9pm daily. To book a space please email

Famous Grouse
Master Blender Gordon Motion in Action