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29/06/2012 Featured Blogs - Whisky Discovery

More from the new feature on whisky bloggers from around the world this time we stay in the UK again and head off to sunny Bedfordshire to speak with Dave Worthington from Whisky Discovery.

I've been chatting with Dave from Whisky Discovery via Twitter for a few months as we both seemed to get into the same twitter tastings etc and i love the way he talks about whisky, being fairly new to whisky Dave has thrown himself in at the deep end and i love that.

Why did you start your Whisky website?

I started drinking Whisky in December of 2010 after being converted by my Sales Manager. I bought my first bottle of Whisky, a Laphroaig 10 year old, and knowing nothing about Whisky decided I needed to find out more. I chanced upon Johan van dan Heuvel's Malt Maniac's website and read it all. I decided I needed to go on a similar journey and that I too should keep a liquid log. At first it was a simple Word document, then over the 2011 Christmas holiday with a little help from my brother I turned it into a web based blog. Again, initially for my own log of my journey, but also to share with my family and friends who are spread across the globe. However the blog as since developed and is read worldwide, I've made friends with fellow Whisky enthusiasts around the world and I have started to swap samples and get together through Skype to have an online tasting session. My eldest daughter has also been smitten by the 'water of life' and I hope that she too will start writing on my (our) blog soon.

What is your earliest Whisky Memory?

My earliest Whisky memories are those that were in my fathers drinks cabinet, not that he was a big whisky drinker, but I clearly remember the distinctive yellow label and ship logo of Cutty Sark Original Scots Whisky, the large gold shiny cap of Teachers Highland Cream, and the green bottle and white label of Laphroaig. I drank the occasional Whisky in the pub as a teenager, Bells or Glenfiddich seemed to be the only ones available back then and I remember being very ill one New Year from drinking far too much, but didn't we all?

In no particular order what 3 Whiskies would you recommend to someone new to whisky?

The three whiskies I would recommend to someone new to Whisky would be The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old, there's a lovely honey sweetness from this Speysider. From the Orkneys I would opt for Highland Park 12 Year old, silky smooth, heather honey sweetness with a little smoke, and I would have to chose an Islay, one of my absolute favourites, the Lagavulin 16 year old. However, there are so many more superb entry level drams from all of the distilleries, it was difficult to pick just three!

Money no object, what Whisky would you love to own and open?

I'm on a journey, I set out to buy at least one new bottle of Whisky every month. I've always met and often exceeded my target. If money was no object I would buy more each month, lots more! There are so many I've yet to experience and I really want to taste them all, and I'm going to have a bloody good go at it. So with unlimited wealth, I could undertake a world tour visiting every distillery, wow what an experience that would be. I'm drooling at the very thought of it! Sponsors, anyone?

Would you have any tips for other Whisky drinkers?

The most important initial step in my journey was to get a good glass, you need to nose the Whisky properly to get the most out of it. A traditional Whisky tumbler will not do justice to the spirit. I bought a Glencairn first which made an immediate difference to my tasting experience, but also have a long stemmed sherry copita which I use for all new whisky tasting. Secondly try to get to a Whisky show where you can learn so much very quickly, taste a wide range of whiskies and meet some great people. Thirdly get onto twitter and interact with the great Whisky brotherhood that is online, there is a great spirit (no pun intended!) and I now have a great circle of twitter friends around the world

Why should people visit your website?

There are many blogs and other Whisky websites and there is so much good stuff to read. I spend a great deal of my time reading other blogs and web sites, finding out about new whiskies and comparing my thoughts with others. My blog is currently a record of my journey, from my first purchase, and every new Whisky is logged. It covers reports on the Whisky shows I attend, the distillery visits I've made, the tweet tastings I take part in, the Whisky books I've been reading, and more recently the sample swaps and Skype tastings I've been doing. I don't score whiskies, I don't advertise on my blog either, I try to convey the enjoyment I'm having on this journey and my passion for all things Whisky. Please take a look, tell me what you like or don't like, perhaps suggest some whiskies I should try.

Many thanks to Dave and please remember to go visit the website at Whisky Discovery and join in with his journey of discovery.