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26/06/2012 Featured Blogs - Living Room Whisky

More from the new feature on whisky bloggers from around the world this time we stay in the UK and chat with Jon and Mike from Living Room Whiskies.

So time for a wee chat with Jon and Mike from Living Room Whisky in Birmingham, these guys love their whisky and work really hard to produce a well written and fun blog on whisky.

Living Room Whisky

Why did you start your Whisky website?

On a warm sultry evening in June last year we held charity whisky event with some good friends, some new to whisky, others not. Towards the end of the night, with several generous drams in hand, we started talking about getting together more often and sharing our passion for whisky with friends and perhaps, the world… and so LivingRoom whisky was born. Since then, we have enjoyed new whiskies and shared our thoughts about them, made new friends in the twittersphere (and in real life too1), and attended some fabulous whisky events. The whisky community is great fun, and we want to stay a part of it! We are also passionate about promoting whisky and whisky events in our home city, Birmingham, as we feel it should be on whisky map.

What is your earliest Whisky Memory?

Jon: New Year’s Eve when I was 18! My dad’s friend poured me a Laphroaig 10 late in the evening and I just loved it! That peaty iodine moment was magical!
Mike: Tasting the delightfully sweet and smoky Coal Ila 12 following a hearty full English breakfast during a blokes’ weekend away in wild Wales in the Autumn of 2010. That was the moment I turned from casual drinker to fledgling whisky geek!

In no particular order what 3 Whiskies would you recommend to someone new to whisky?

Spice Tree [Compass Box] This is cracking! It is something spicy, complex and good value. A superb blend demonstrating the quality and artistry of the master blenders product.
Lagavulin 16 The perfect Islay? Outstanding ‘standard’ bottling; peaty, rich, sherried, sweet. Not only a great introduction to whisky, but a great introduction to whisky overall.
Highland Park 12 It’s an incredible introduction to the family - full of raisin, honey, toffee, dark chocolate and smoke. And its widely available and superb value too - a fabulous whisky!

Money no object, what Whisky would you love to own and open?

Jon: A bit geeky but I’d have to buy the cask of Lagavulin that I tried in the warehouse at the Feis Ile this year. It was a 8 year old 1st fill Bogeda cask at 57.8%. It will never be bottled but was full of toffee, smoke, spicy peat and Werther’s Originals. An outstanding once in a lifetime dram!
Mike: If money was no object, the bottle I would love to own and open to share with friends, of course, would be the whisky that Ian Buxton, describes as the whisky with the “X factor” in 101 Whiskies; Highland Park 40. I have loved every Highland Park I’ve tasted and would love to get my hands on this!

Would you have any tips for other Whisky drinkers?

My tip would be to get involved, go to whisky events, talk to the producers and ambassadors, learn from them and try as many new drams as you can! You will always find something new to love! Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with blending your own stock at home - mix a couple of great whiskies together and see what you end up with!

Why should people visit your website?

We feel that our website is exactly as any LivingRoom should be; welcoming, accessible and friendly. We want to have something that the new drinker can come to and feel inspired by; but also something that the connoisseur can come to and experience some of the great whiskies that we have been lucky enough to try. We’ll also give you some great photography and keep you up to date with some of the key events in our area and the rest of the country too, including the Feis Ile 2013!

Many thanks to Jon and Mike and please remember to go visit their website at Living Room Whisky and check out their reviews and news.